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Mammoth Cave National Park

Photo Credit: National Park Foundation

If you don't get claustrophobic, delve into the Mammoth Cave National Park, the largest known cave system in the world with over 400 miles of cave systems with still more ground that has yet to be discovered. Tours have been run through the tunnels since the 1800's, first by slaves, who continued to find previously unknown caverns, passages and pits. Stephen Bishop, one of the more notable tour guides, described the caves as a, "grand, gloomy, and peculiar place" (New World Encyclopedia, 2019). He eventually was granted his freedom, but died one year later; his grave can be visited at the entrance to the Mammoth Caves and reportedly his ghost can also be visited once inside the caves. Before tours were run through the caves, in 1842, the property was used by Dr. John Croghan as a tuberculosis hospital since he believed the subterranean air would relieve and revive tuberculosis patients. Spoiler alert: the patients worsened and many died in the unventilated and damp environment, and were sometimes encountered by tourists as if they were living exhibits. However, Native Americans had been in the caves starting nearly 5,000 years ago where they mined the first three levels for minerals and used the caves as a burial ground, which was confirmed by the finding of well-preserved, mummified remains.
Not only does this national park contain copious amounts of cave systems, there is also a large sampling of wildlife, including animals that have evolved to adapt to this gloomy place. Therefore, beware; the cave's Eyeless Cave Fish, Cave Crickets and Eyeless Crayfish may contribute to your nightmares. Contributing to the nightmare is the ghost of Stephen Bishop, who enjoys scaring tourists by popping in and out of this plane of existence and blowing out lanterns. There is also the ghost of Floyd Collins, an explorer who was partially crushed by a boulder and died two weeks after being rescued. Floyd is heard calling for help and he is believed to throw objects from nowhere. Stephen and Floyd are not the only apparitions seen in the caves; African American slaves have also been reported in the caves and it's believed Native Americans are still haunting down there because they did not make it to the other side and do not appreciate tourists roaming where they were laid to rest.

Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter

Photo Credit: Traveler of Charleston

Fort Sumter is most notorious for its place in Civil War history as the first site shots were fired from Confederate forces after South Carolina seceded from the Union. However, it was because of the War of 1812 that Fort Sumter was approved by Congress in 1817, as it was determined during wartime the East Cost of the United States was not properly defended. Named after Revoluationary War general Thomas Sumter, who was also from South Carolina, the fort was designed with three tiers and five sides in order to defend Charleston Harbor. Construction began in 1829, but was shortly halted in 1830 as the ownership of the manmade island was disputed; construction then resumed nearly 10 years later. There were no casualties during the siege; however, during the Union evacuation, Daniel Hough was accidentally shot when a cannon was discharged during a 100-gun salute to the flag. Visitors have regularly seen a Union soldier walking around the fort, who is believed to be Daniel, as well as smelling smoke or gunpowder. This is the only reported ghost on Fort Sumter and he is known as the polite ghost, so, if you dare, visit and find out why he is so polite.

The Haunted Bissman Building

Photo Credit: Destination Mansfield

As far as haunted buildings go, what was once a wholesale grocery distribution company until the 1970's hardly seems like the foundation for one of the most haunted places in Ohio. It may make more sense when you find out it was built by some of the same contractors behind the Ohio State Reformatory while also being one of the film sites for Shawshank Redemption. So why would a former distribution company that was famous for its coffee, hand rolled Cuban cigars, canned good and beer be the site of numerous paranormal occurences?
Before it was indefiitely closed, visitors would be able to take numerous pictures of full-bodied apparitions, one of which appeared to be a decapitated head lying by the elevator doors. It's believed this is the spirit of F.W. Simon who, on his last day of work in 1911, went down the elevator and was decapitated on the third floor while he allegedly was peaking his head out to bid farewell to his former colleagues. Before he went down in the elevator, he signed his name on a piece of timber on the fourth floor, which is still there today. There is also the spirit of a young girl who is believed to be Ruthie Bissman, granddaughter of founder Peter Bissman; there are records of Ruthie Bissman, but no death certificate and she is not buried with the rest of her family, who are all buried in Mansfield Cemetery. Legend says she's buried somewhere on the premises of the Bissman Building, but this has not been confirmed, though there has been moderate success when trying to communicate with a spirit named "Ruthie." Other accidents have occurred throughout the Bissman Building's history, so this could explain the shadow figures seen throughout, as well as EVP's, cold spots and feeling touched, poked and pushed.

Moonville Tunnel

Photo Credit: Ohio Exploration Society

Here there will be history and paranormal reports of the Moonville Tunnel.
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Gettysburg Battlefield

Photo Credit: Gettysburg Museum of History

Here there will be history and paranormal reports of Gettysburg Battlefield.
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Granary Burying Ground
granary burying ground

Photo Credit: Freedom Trail

Here there will be history and paranormal reports of Granary Burying Ground.
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Fort Morgan
fort morgan

Photo Credit: Encyclopedia of Alabama

Here there will be history and paranormal reports of Fort Morgan.
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Neptune Society's Columbarium
neptune columbarium

Photo Credit: Trident Society

Also known as the San Francisco Columbarium, this neo-classical structure was built in 1895 to operate within the Odd Fellows Cemetery and alongside the crematorium. Beginning in 1901, however, it was illegal to be buried or cremated within the city limits, so the cemetery was exhumed and the columbarium abandoned, although it's unclear if the remains were abandoned, as well. It wasn't until 1980 that the Neptune Society bought the old building and started restoring it after years of raccoons, bootleggers and looters. Today, there are rooms named after constellations and mythological wind spirits, along with balconies, stained glass windows and artwork detailing San Francisco's history, including the 1906 earthquake the columbarium survived.
As you have most likely determined, numerous stories of unexplained activity has come out of the columbarium. Many visitors have felt an icy chill in the air and have felt an unseen hand touch them as they walk by. A prevailing legend tells of one lady who was visiting relatives when she felt an icy hand touch her, but predictably when she turned to look, no one was there. However, she did notice there was a white handprint in the exact spot she was touched. Disembodied footsteps, voices and giggles have also been heard by visitors and the staff. There are also reports of an apparition of a young girl in early 20th century clothes roaming the main circular levels.


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Here there will be history and paranormal reports of the Presidio.
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San Francisco Art Institute
sf art institute

Photo Credit: The San Francisco Examiner

Here there will be history and paranormal reports of the San Francisco Art Institute.
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